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is inspired by the determination, tenacity and
drive of millions of ordinary, everyday people from
immigrant communities doing whatever it takes
to create a meaningful impactful life in spite of, or
maybe because of the circumstances in their host
countries. Here in Kenya, as in many parts of the
world, immigrant communities often have to work
twice as hard and with much less structural support to put together a decent life for themselves and their families, including the ones who are left behind in their homes of origin. The lead character of Million Voice is a 24 year old Somali girl whose family fled to Kenya after Somalia’s civil war in 1992. Though she is born and raised in Kenya, the system continues to classify her as an outsider because of her parents original refugee status. This song captures her anger and frustration at the injustice of a system that keeps her an outsider even as it benefits from her communities material contribution, while also praising her people for succeeding against the odds.

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